Nanophotonics - Nanoelectronics

The nanophotonics group of Professor Andreas Ruediger at INRS-EMT, Université du Québec, is dedicated to nanoscale oxide electronics, their physical properties and applications. Our investigations are based on advanced scanning probe techniques in combination with optical spectroscopy.

Hysteretic properties of oxide electronics (ferroelectric, resistive and magnetic) have a huge potential for non-volatile memory applications. The emphasis of our research is on the physical understanding of these properties and their coupling with the aim to explore and exploit the full potential of these multifunctional materials and to open novel fields of application in nanoelectronics and nanobiotechnology.

We are therefore persistently driving the limits of materials, integration and scanning probe microscopy to widen the scope of our activities to new fields such as biominerals and tissue. Our laboratory for ferroelectric nanoelectronics, funded by the Canadian Foundation of Innovation provides an internationally competitive infrastructure operated by an interdisciplinary team crossing the frontiers of physics, chemistry, biology, material science and electrical engineering.