Scanning Probe Microscopy

We are operating a stand-alone AIST-NT Smart 1000 scanning probe microscope that supports most modes of operation under ambient conditions for STM and AFM (contact, non-contact, intermittent, vertical or lateral tuning fork) in different feedback modes. An active suspension table, an acoustic enclosure, a heating stage, a liquid cell and a humidity control are available as well.

Two similar scanning probe microscopes are mounted into optical microscopes, an AIST-NT OmegaScope for top- and side illumination of the tip-sample contact area and an AIST-NT CombiScope for transparent samples.

Sputter system


Horiba Confocal Laser Sanning Microscope 


Tip etching 

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Solar Simulator

This solar simulator is accessible to internal and external users after a brief training. Configuration: AMG 1.5, 50 by 50 mm homogeneous sample illumination. AAA criteria for illumination homogeneity, spectral characteristics and temporal stability. We only provide the light source, all other equipment has to be provided by the user.

Hydrothermal Synthesis


Probe Station